The Events section of the Dashboard displays notifications triggered by specific user actions, including login and logout, profile changes, account changes, and data management events, allowing users to stay updated on important activities within the system.

Events Section

There are 4 types of events: Login and Logout, Profile change, Account change, and Data management:

  • Login and Logout events get triggered when the user logs in or logs out.
  • Profile change events get triggered when the user changes password, requests access to the properietary documentation, changes notification settings.
  • Account change event gets triggered when the user changes the name of the company or sends an invitation to someone to join their account dashboard.
  • Data management event gets triggered when the user downloads the server or the client files.

Besides displaying notifications in the Dashboard, you can also configure the system to deliver notifications to your email when any event is triggered. To do so, you must navigate to the Profile section and in the Notifications area select the required checkboxes right below the Email column.