The Downloads section provides a set of server and client executables that can be downloaded and installed locally. The installer for your current platform is highlighted in the purple color.

Downloads Section

Supported platforms include:

Server and Client Client
Windows Android
Ubuntu iOS
Linux (x64, arm) PS4
macOS PS5
Xbox One
Xbox S
Nintendo Switch

If you are an eligible developer, you can request access to proprietary platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch in the Profile section of your profile. After approval, you will be provided with the extensive development documentation and possibility to download binaries for the corresponding platforms.

Server Authentication

After installing the Server and client files, you need to download a unique authentication file called authentication.dat and place it in the Game Carrier working directory, typically located at $HOME/.gc for Unix-based systems. On Windows, this directory is usually located at C:\Users\$USERNAME\.gc. Once you have moved the authentication file to the appropriate directory, you can proceed to run your server.

To download the authentication file, click the Download auth file for button as shown below:

Auth Download