connectionAddMessage - Schedules a timed event for a connection.


#include <game-carrier/server.h>

typedef GCT_INT (GC_CORE_API *ConnectionSetTimer)(
    GCT_INTPTR conn_handle,
    GCT_INT ms);

typedef struct connectionSetTimer {
    /* ... Some fields ... */
    ConnectionSetTimer connectionSetTimer;
    /* ... Some fields ... */


  • conn_handle GCT_INTPTR The connection handle.
  • ms GCT_INT Identifies the timer interval in milliseconds.


Returns 0 if the operation is successful.

Standard errno codes like EINVAL or ENOMEM are returned if creation/allocation fails.


The connectionSetTimer is used to schedule a timed event for a connection. It allows you to set a timer interval in milliseconds, after which on_timer event will be triggered.

The conn_handle parameter represents the handle, which is used to identify a specific connection for which the timer event is being scheduled. The handle is obtained after the successful connection establishing in on_connect event.

The ms parameter is used to specify the timer interval in milliseconds. It determines the duration after which the timer event will be triggered for the specified client connection.

This function should be called following a successful receipt of the on_connect event.

You can use connectionSetTimer to schedule events or actions that need to occur after a specific time interval. For example, you might use it to periodically send a heartbeat message to the client or to check for updates at regular intervals.

When the connection is still established and the timer expires, the on_client_timer event will be triggered. Each connection supports only one timer. If a new timer is set by the game, the old timer will be automatically canceled. Please note that the timer does not have a high resolution, making it unsuitable for precise timing purposes.


#include <game-carrier/server.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

 * The example below drops connections if they are silent
 * and interval is greatrer than specified in TIMER_INTERVAL.

#define TIMER_INTERVAL 1000

static struct core_api api;

struct connection_data {
    GCT_INTPTR handle;
    /* User data asociated with connection */

int adapter_initialize(int id, struct core_api *core_api, const void *load_path)
    api = *core_api;
    return 0;

GCT_INTPTR on_connect(
    GCT_INT app_id,
    GCT_INTPTR handle,
    GCT_INT pid,
    GCT_CSTR rip,
    GCT_INT rport,
    GCT_CSTR lip,
    GCT_INT lport,
    GCT_CSTR udata)
    /* Allocate user data */
    struct connection_data * conn = malloc(sizeof(struct connection_data));
    if (conn == NULL) {
        return GC_DROP_CONNECTION;

    /* Save connection handle */
    conn->handle = handle;

    /* Set the timer */
    api.connectionSetTimer(handle, TIMER_INTERVAL);

    /* Return user data */
    return (GCT_INTPTR)conn;

void on_message(
    GCT_INTPTR user,
    GCT_PTR data,
    GCT_SIZE len)
    struct connection_data * conn = (struct connection_data *)user;

    /* Update timer */
    api.connectionSetTimer(conn->handle, TIMER_INTERVAL);

void on_timer(
    GCT_INTPTR user)
    struct connection_data * conn = (struct connection_data *)user;

    /* Close the connection without messages */
    api.connectionClose(conn->handle, GC_CLOSE_REASON_DROP);


on_timer, on_connect