Adapter API

The Adapter in Game Carrier is a crucial component responsible for facilitating interactions with various programming languages and platforms. Some adapters, such as nethost and native, are already integrated into the Game Carrier server program.

The Core API offers a C API interface, and the Adapter plays a vital role in translating raw C datatypes and function calls into language-specific types, classes, and methods. For instance, it can convert messages from C, represented as raw pointers void* and length size_t, into .NET byte[] instances for C#.

Game Carrier also provides the Adapter API, allowing developers to create custom adapters for different programming languages and platforms that they wish to use in their development process. To use the Adapter API, include the following header file:

#include <game-carrier/adapter.h>

While the Adapter API documentation is currently in development, we offer an example for the Python programming language that you can find on our GitHub account.