ListJumpServices - Retrieves a list of all available Jump services.


Namespace: LoadBalancer.Client.Auth

public Task<ListJumpServicesResult> ListJumpServices(ListJumpServicesParameters parameters)


ListJumpServicesParameters consists of the following:

  • Endpoints Endpoint[] - An array containing Jump services. Each endpoint returned in the response is comprised of the protocol, address, port, and application name.

Return Value

The ListJumpServicesResult containing:

  • ServiceEndpoint Endpoint - Represents the endpoint having the lowest latency selected from the array of endpoints. This endpoint is retrieved when the ListJumpServices method is invoked.


The Endpoint consists of the following parameters:

  • Protocol string - The protocol used for communication. Can be either WSS(Web-Socket Secure) or WS(Web-Socket).
  • Address string - The address can be either the domain or the IP address.
  • Port int - Port number used for communication.
  • AppName string - The unique name of the application to connect to.