Transport Server

The Transport Server acts as the backbone of your gaming infrastructure, it hosts applications and provides a reliable and efficient communication channel between game clients and the server. With its robust architecture and optimized protocols, it ensures seamless data transmission, low-latency connections, and scalable performance for multiplayer gaming experiences.

Load Balancer

The Load Balancer is a powerful tool that evenly distributes incoming network traffic among multiple servers, ensuring high availability and scalability for your applications. With intelligent routing algorithms, it optimizes resource utilization and enhances the user experience by minimizing response times and preventing server overloads.

Client Library

The Client Library empowers game developers to effortlessly integrate multiplayer functionality into their games, providing a streamlined and reliable communication layer between the game client applications and the servers. With its comprehensive set of features and easy-to-use APIs, developers can focus on creating immersive gameplay experiences while the Client Library handles the complexities of network communication, delivering seamless multiplayer interactions.