The fastest way to build
multiplayer games

Quick multiplayer integration, on-premise server hosting,
exceptionally low operational costs - achieve it with the GC Framework.

By "quick networking integration", we mean a few days,
not a few months or years.

With Game Carrier You Can:

Get Started Today

Download The Game Carrier

Login and download the installer for your platform

Obtain the authorization key for server licensing on the download page.


The Installation package includes: Transport Server and Client Library. Download the Load Balancer separately from our GitHub.

Run The Server

The Transport Server is preconfigured for the initial test. Further modifications of the server config must be aligned with your project goals.

Test The Client

The example Client is also preconfigured to send a few messages to the server, and receive the response back.

Development Phase

Use all instruments from the GC arsenal and gradually add more logic, to your apps until the development is complete.


GC networking layer is integrated into your apps. Your apps and infrastructure are ready to serve thousands of players from all over the world.

Want To Know More?
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About us

Your team can rely on our meticulously crafted documents that provide exhaustive infornation on all apsects and technical details of the Game Carrier Framework.

We recommend to begin with the following topics:

There's Something More To Your Business

Reduced Networking Costs

Game companies spend up to 50% of all budgets to implement networking. This is not your case anymore. Direct your resources to development and make your game stand out.

Accelerated Time-To-Market

Capitalization on the market trends by launching your games faster with quick prototyping and development using the GC Framework.

Broad Market Reach

With multiplatform support you can target a wider audience and reach players across various devices, maximizing market penetration and potential revenue.


With a forward-thinking approach, we ensure that your games are equipped with the latest networking technologies, enabling you to adapt to evolving market demands and emerging trends.